52 Theses (IMPs)

Use the following format for an unpublished master’s theses in print, and an electronic IMPs found in the Bank Street Library.

In Print

Author, A. A. (1978). Title of master’s thesis (Unpublished master’s thesis). Name of Institution, Location.

Hartley, E. H. (2011). From applesauce to zucchini bread: A cookbook and teacher’s guide for early childhood educators (Unpublished master’s thesis). Bank Street College of Education, New York, NY.

Online (Electronic IMPs)

Author, A. A. (1978). Title of master’s thesis (Master’s thesis). Retrieved from web address of catalog or institutional database.

Brewer, M. (2013). Late effects of childhood cancer: Implications for child life specialists¬† (Master’s thesis). Retrieved from http://bank.waldo.kohalibrary.com

(American Psychological Association,  2010, pp. 207-209)


APA @ Bank Street Copyright © 2013 by Bank Street Library. All Rights Reserved.

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