42 Google & Flickr Images

We have two blog posts which walk you through finding images that are free to use onĀ  Google and Flickr. After thinking hard about using an image in your assignment you need to do the following:

  • Pay attention to copyright
  • Refer to the image in your text
  • Cite using the author’s name
  • Place an entry in the reference list.

Use the following pattern for citing a work of art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photograph, or other medium).[1]

Artist, A. A. (copyright year). Title of work [Medium: Painting, drawing, sculpture, photograph, etc.]. Retrieved from http:// xxxxx

Ward, J. (1993). R L Transport Corp Hino NYA-759 in J Abad Santos near Solis Street, Tondo, Manila, Philippines [Photograph]. Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/25653307@N03/3975941426/

  1. American Psychological Association (2012-05-25). APA Style Guide to Electronic References, Sixth Edition (Kindle Locations 769-774). American Psychological Association. Kindle Edition.


APA @ Bank Street Copyright © 2013 by Bank Street Library. All Rights Reserved.

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