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  • Include the date (year, month day) as part of your reference list citation as blogs frequently publish posts.
  • Don’t italicize the title but do add [Blog post] to alert your reader to the format of the document.
  • The name of the blog is already in the web address so there is no need to add anything.
  • To obtain the web address of individual posts click the title of the post you are citing and copy and paste it into your reference list.

Garvey, M. (2014, January 7). Reference questions: Books with more than one location [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://bankstreetlibrary.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/2451/

In text, use the following citation: (Garvey, 2014).[1]

  1. American Psychological Association (2012-05-25). APA Style Guide to Electronic References, Sixth Edition (Kindle Locations 997-998). American Psychological Association. Kindle Edition.


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