29 Authors

One Author

List the author by last name first, then initial(s).

Luby, J. L. (2006). Handbook of preschool mental health: Development, disorders, and treatment. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Two to Seven Authors

With two or more names but less than eight, use an ampersand (&) before the last name.

Lightfoot, C., Cole, M., & Cole, S. (2009). The development of children. New York, NY: Worth.

Eight or More Authors

Include the first six, followed by three ellipsis points (), and add the last author.

Gilbert, D. G., McClernon, J. F., Rabinovitch, R. E., Sugai, C., Plath, L. C., Asgaard, G., Botros, N. (2004). Effects of quitting smoking on EEG activation and attention last for more than 31 days and are more severe with stress, dependence, DRD2 A1 allele, and depressive traits. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 6, 249-267. doi:10.1080/14622200410001676305

(American Psychological Association,  2010, p. 177)


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